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  3. We've added a new Ideas system into the site, which is meant to function as our full-time "suggestions" panel where we can hear YOUR feedback. Feel free to post your ideas there, as well as your productive feedback & anything YOU might find important for us to know about. Other people can vote if they agree with your or not and will be able to share their opinions through their own comments related to your specific idea or feedback. https://hellreach.org/ideas/ We've also added a new lightweight patch (~150MB) as a REQUIRED patch, which will be available to the public audience soon enough. This patch adds up Diablo III wings, Shadowlands icons, our own custom maps, custom items & DBC support and a lot of short-term stability fixes. Additional patches will be submitted throughout the course of Hellreach. We currently want to base this patch as the only patch required in order to play the game without requiring you to download our backend patch and base the experience on WotLK's default support. We will have 2 more patches - one of them is for our own login screen & character creation, and the other is for backend support for all the future plans we're planning to release. Backend support meaning - custom maps will use materials based on what's inside this backend patch & some transmog items will require you to have this backend patch in order to see them in-game. This backend patch is considered super heavy and will have its own dedicated download source(s). It is estimated to be ~23GB, hopefully less. We've added images to the Store, added a Ban Appeal format (still missing an image) & updated the Staff List page. Staff application will be updated if needed - for now we will use Discord, in-game communication or site private messaging. Please note that this is an English-only version, no other version will be distributed.
  4. This is our Ideas panel, where you can suggest your suggestions and share your thoughts on how we can improve from this point forth. There are 2 categories: in-game and website. We can add more if needed, just let us know here what other categories you might need in the future - and we'll add them! Please stay on topic. You can upvote ideas you agree with and you can express yourself with your own comment(s). Do so with care, our rules & regulations are still being enforced - even here.
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