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  • Welcome, Friend!

    In order to play on our server, you must have an account. To do that, feel free to register. It's super quick and simple!

  • Our Agenda
    Our agenda with Hellreach is very simple. We've seen SO many places who create this meaningless server where everything is all about pay to win. True, some places got a great thing going on, and sure - from some of them we can even learn a thing or two, or kill some time and really enjoy our time there. But this is kind of where it stops.
    Reaching the "end-game" is not fun when you know there won't be any new content for a while, because from there there's very little you can do.
    Paid exclusive items, buy your best gear, spells that shouldn't exist for some classes, overpowered sets and custom modification to benefit those who can afford it. Unrewarding experience, no bug fixing, no new content and basically a messed up place to call your second home. NOT what we want to provide.

    How are we different?
    For starters, we believe in quality content. That means we do not want our community to feel like this server was made in 2 days because truth being told, it is an ongoing project for several months, aiming towards the 1-year mark of several dedicated individuals.
    Our content is truly unique and not only in terms of how much dedication we put behind it. We got a solid plan and a detailed todo list which is being adjusted all the time based on community reports (through bug reports) and suggestions, tester's feedback and overall personal touch to match our insanely high standard.

    We can assure you we got some of the most unique scripts a server can ever withhold. From a self-made bounty hunting, to a self-made killstreak, customizable world chat, timed VIP system, a semi-mythic system, solid storyline, solid marketing plan, releasing schedule (that includes test phase and development period), dedicated DEVELOPERS and so much more.

    How much does it cost?
    Playing here is 100% free.
    We will NEVER charge money for entering or playing our game.
    We will NEVER charge money for exclusive content that is not accessible to everyone.
    We will NEVER release un-tested content or a mediocre quality content.
    We will NEVER sell items that cannot be obtained simply by playing the game through our designed storyline & mechanics.
    We will ALWAYS publish our changes in our changelog and pay attention to your bug reports, suggestions and general feedback.

  • About Us
    Hellreach is a private World of Warcraft server (game version: 3.3.5a) that currently has 1 fun realm. The team is currently built from 3 dedicated developers and one part-time developer, freelancing web developers and a lot of friends who function as solid testers when required.

    We aim to create a fantastic fun-realm experience for everyone as we go and base all our content on past mistakes we (and our fellow rival private servers) have made in the past, so we will not repeat it.

    We're doing this for several months now (almost a year) and this is our part-time hobby. We hope to bring it out as soon as possible based on our extremely high standard for everyone to enjoy.

  • How to Connect
    In order to connect, you need to have an account. Be sure you register if you do not already have an account.

    Connecting to our server is quite simple. First, you need to make sure you have the correct game version. If not, you can download it here: link.
    Afterwards, you will need to apply a few patches. You can download them here: link.
    In order to apply them, be sure you open your game's "data" folder, and place them in there. It should look like so: IMAGE

    Now, in order to connect to our server, you will need to adjust your realmlist.wtf. This file is available in your data/enUS (or whatever game version you have). In there, you will find the file realmlist.wtf.
    Open it and remove all the content it contains. Replace it with:


    set realmlist logon.hellreach.org

    Hit save & close the file.

    Open up your wow.exe (or use our DruidBarberFix.exe file) and enter in there your Hellreach's username & password when you just registered.

    Have fun!

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